01. Polca Fada
02. Roger The Miller
03. The Sliabh Lucra Mule
04. Na Cóisirí
05. The Bird
06. Song For A Winter's Night
07. Former Lasses
08. Dublin To Dublin
09. October Song
10. Mendicity
11. The Shore Of Lough Bran

Back again with Slides 5th album, Mendicity.
Mendicity happened due to the public's welcome support of Slide’s Dublin to Dublin initiative; a heartfelt thank you to our 21st century record label, for making this recording actually happen!

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Beo - Live

01. Slide Out - Single Jig: The Low Highland - The Old Torn Petticoat I Bought in Mullingar - Mrs.Crotty's - Ni Fios
02. Song: Follow On
03.The Long Reel: Herbert's Reel - Lady Birr - Highland Man (Who Kissed His Granny) - House of Hamill - Finbar Dwyer's - Fred Finn's
04. Les Polkas: Padraig O'Keefe's - The Humours of Ballycullen - Cutting Bracken
05. Song: The Maids of Culmore
06. Cronin's - Paddy Taylor's
07. Ol' Man Lynch - Poor Liza Jane - Dance Boatman Dance
08. Song: See Thru Blue
09. The Last Waltz: Gillian's Waltz - (Lament for) President Garfield - Newly Mown Meadow
10. The Watchmaker's Cloth - The Flagstone of Memories, Vincent Broderick - Organ Mountain

Slide are back with their 4th album which is also their first Live album. This captures the great atmosphere that Slide always create during their Live performances. It also marks the first outing of their great new singer/guitar/mandolin/bodhran player, Dave Curley.

There are 10 tracks in total. This encapsulates everything we have come to love about Slide.

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01. Spry Slides, The Humours Of Mountcollins, The One That Was Lost, Johnny Leary
02. See Thru Blue
03. Les Polka, Padraig O'Keefe's, The Humours Of Ballycullen, Cutting Bracken
04. Overneath the Moon
05. Just So Far Away
06. Tredudon, The J.B., Paddy Kelly's
07. King of the Mill, The King Of Kilrickle, An Muileann Mor
08. Shooting Star
09. Ol'Man Lynch, Poor Liza Jane, Dance Boatman Dance
10. 2 Minutes 2 Go, Martin's Grove, Carmel O'Mahoney Mulhaire's, Black Pat's
11. Strut to Spanish Point

Slides third release Overneath marks the latest port of call of one of the most exciting Irish groups of the last decade. With the powerful vocalist Andrew Murray having teamed up with the four original members Daire Bracken, Eamonn DeBarra, Aogan Lynch and Mick Broderick, this recording presents a fantastic delivery of high quality songs and instrumentals.

This album shows that the group Slide really do have that little bit extra. Easily their finest recording to date. ?This band is taking Irish music to a new place. Their music will touch people far beyond the realm of traditional music? Donal Lunny

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Harmonic Motion

01. Slide In, Gleanntan Frolics nr1, nr2, Quarry Cross Slide nr2
02. Cronin's, Paddy Taylor's
03. Monday Night, Organ Mountain
04. Uaine Bheag
05. Carraig Aonair
06. Sé Dúirt Sé
07. Harmonic Motion, Bean Tincéara Or Johnny Allen's, The New Custom House, The New Spire
08. Brian Kenny
09. The Watchmaker's Cloth, The Flagstone Of Memories, Version Of Big John McNeill
10. Bhuatais
11. An Rogaire Dubh, Palm Sunday, Mrs O'Sullivan's Jig
12. High Time
13. Slide Out, Single Jig, The Low Highland, The Old Torn Petticoat That I Bought In Mullingar, Mrs Crotty's, Ni Fios

This is Slide's second album and displays a 66-minute tour de force of splendid musicianship and flawless technique. The album quickly moves through a variety of clever arrangements from sensitive whistle harmonies to driving, high powered strings while the lyrical quality of the songs encapsulate a modern approach to song writing within the folk/traditional genre.

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The Flying Pig

01. Connie The Soldier, Ni Fios, Within A Mile of Dublin, Ni Fios
02. The Flying Pig, Port An Deorai, Cnocan An Teampaill
03. North Sea Crossing, The Boys Of Baile Na Hinse, The Callan Lasses
04. Stay A While
05. Micho Russel's, Tribute to Morrison, The Moving Bog, Boy On The Hilltop, The Limestone Rock
06. Jig, Another Jig, Headwood Crossing
07. Gan Ainm, Eddie Kelly's Reel, My Recurring Dream
08. The Boy Of Blue Hill
09. Harvest Fair Polka 3, Gort An Tuathbhrid, Taueen Derby Polka
10. Natalie, Gair' Na nGealt, O'Rourke's Wild Irishman

Their Debut album, featuring well-known musicians Aogan Lynch, Eamonn DeBarra, Daire Bracken and Mick Broderick, this recording documents a time when Slide first exploded onto the folk/traditional scene.

From start to finish the listener is kept on their toes as the one piece slips seamlessly into another from delicate polkas on fiddle and concertina to a melodic combination of whistles and strings, to the energy filled driving of piano and bouzouki.

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